But what is Orofacial Myology?

‘Oro’ refers to the oral cavity, or the mouth… ‘facial’ refers to the face….and ‘myo’ is a prefix which stands for ‘muscle’. In other words, Orofacial Myology is all about assessing and providing exercises for the lips, tongue, jaw and facial muscles to improve symmetry, function and form.

People who would benefit from OM treatment include those who:

o  breathe predominantly through their mouth, rather than their nose;

o  have ever sucked their thumb and/or finger(s);

o  have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea or do not sleep well; and,

o  chew with their mouth open and/ or swallow incorrectly.

For more information and FAQs on Orofacial Myology, consult the International Association of Orolfacial Myology.

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