Voice disorders – so common, yet often left untreated…

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Vocal overuse can be caused by many things, including infection and psychological trauma, and voice-laden professions such as teaching are particularly affected. The overarching term for voice disorders or problems is ‘dysphonia’ and losing your voice can be devastating. It can have a huge effect on your quality of life, including economic, social and emotional [...]

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The Apostrophe – a protected species?

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I have to admit, I am, unashamedly, a grammar nerd. I guess that’s probably a good thing, considering I’m a speech pathologist…. There has been some talk recently of ridding our language of the innocent apostrophe (the 27thletter of the alphabet, no less). I needed to sit down when I read that. What the? Apparently [...]

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Exciting News! We are moving to the ACT at the end of 2021 and opening up a brand-new speech pathology and psychology practice in Braddon in early 2022.

We will begin taking new assessment bookings for our Canberra practice in December 2021, so please come back then and you’ll be seamlessly directed to our new website.

Until then, we will continue to support our current clients in Mittagong.