Screen time + baby = late to talk ??

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New evidence is emerging that young children who spend time on smartphone screens may be susceptible to expressive language delay. And for adults, it can have a negative effect on sleep. Experts say, if you want a good night’s sleep, keep the phone out of reach and out of the bedroom. Pick up a book instead!! [...]

What is old is new again…

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Many moons ago, phonics was used to teach spelling and reading decoding skills in schools. Not comprehension – that is a different skill. Decoding is sound-letter (phoneme-grapheme, to be more accurate) knowledge. It precedes comprehension. Then it went out of fashion. Dropped like a lead balloon. Boring, apparently. Not exciting enough. Goodness. Don’t get me started on [...]

Speech Sound Disorder

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“Speech Sound Disorder typically presents in early childhood, and involves difficulty hearing, understanding and producing sounds in speech.” The Age, 2017. Children who have speech sound disorder are often difficult to understand when they talk, and, as a result, often become frustrated because they are not understood by parents and family. Research has shown that parents [...]

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Children prefer to read books, not screens….

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And I thought I was the only one! Do you prefer to read books on a screen, or in the old-fashioned way? I much prefer to hold a lovely book in my hand and turn the pages, and it seems children do too, according to recent research. The research “also found that the more devices a child [...]

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Speech Pathology & Childhood Communication Problems

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Here is a link to an interesting 5-minute podcast from ABC Radio WA about the importance of speech pathology in childhood communication problems, including spelling, reading and language. “Learning to speak doesn’t always come easily, and early intervention is critical to a child’s development.” Dr Suze Leitao, speech pathologist, discusses different causes and treatments. [...]

Phonics check in schools? Only if the follow-up is explicit systematic phonics intervention…

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A new phonics check is about to be implemented in Australian schools, to identify children who may be in need of literacy intervention. But a phonics check is only useful if there is intervention following the testing that remedies the problem! What do you know about phonics? Phonics is the association between spelling choices (graphemes) [...]

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